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This package provides a miscellaneous assortment of X applications that ship with the X Window System, including:

  • atobm, bitmap, and bmtoa, tools for manipulating bitmap images;
  • ico, a demo program animating polyhedrons;
  • oclock and xclock, graphical clocks;
  • rendercheck, a program to test render extension implementations;
  • transset, a tool to set opacity property on a window;
  • xbiff, a tool which tells you when you have new email;
  • xcalc, a scientific calculator desktop accessory;
  • xclipboard, a tool to manage cut-and-pasted text selections;
  • xconsole, which monitors system console messages;
  • xcursorgen, a tool for creating X cursor files from PNGs;
  • xditview, a viewer for ditroff output;
  • xedit, a simple text editor for X;
  • xeyes, a demo program in which a pair of eyes track the pointer;
  • xgc, a graphics demo;
  • xload, a monitor for the system load average;
  • xlogo, a demo program that displays the X logo;
  • xmag, which magnifies parts of the X screen;
  • xman, a manual page browser;
  • xmore, a text pager;
  • xwd, a utility for taking window dumps ("screenshots") of the X session;
  • xwud, a viewer for window dumps created by xwd;
  • Xmark, x11perf, and x11perfcomp, tools for benchmarking graphical operations under the X Window System;

The xbiff, xcalc, xconsole, xedit and xman programs use bitmap images provided by the xbitmaps package.